Ticket Types

Corporate Pass

We love employers who support their employees’ continuous education. If your company sends 20% or more of your engineering team or 10 or more developers to PyBay at the corporate rate, we'll feature your company's logo among Python Supporters!

Individual Pass

Your employer isn’t reimbursing your attendance at PyBay?  You’re on a tight budget or between jobs?  Or you’re a student?  We've got you covered with individual passes. Make sure you get yours ASAP, as the price goes up as the allotted passes at each price tier sell out.

Pre-Conference Workshop

Want to enhance your conference experience by deep diving with some of the top educators in the Python ecosystem?  Or skip the conference altogether and just attend the pre-conference workshops?  Passes for full-day and half-day workshops are available à la carte.

One-Day Pass

Have too much going on but still want to join in on the fun?  Come and geek out with other Pythonistas and attend some talks for just Saturday or Sunday.

Work-Trade Pass

Want to trade your talents for a discounted pass?  We have 20 work-trade passes available during the conference, enabling you to pay only 1/3 of the lowest price. We also have pre-conference roles that grant you free entry to the conference. Check out the info for reduced or free entry while helping make PyBay a great conference!


Committed to Your Education

These companies use Python, and support their employees continuing education. Interested in listing your company here? Get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the workshop offerings?

We still have a few wrinkles to iron out and hence the page is not up yet. (Oh the joy of organizing this:-/) But on 8/10, we have on tap a half day workshop on Modern concurrency in Python by Luciano Ramalho, a hardware workshop on (Micro)Python and IoT by Jeff Fischer, and a full-day workshop for hackers that want to get great at CS by Ozan Onay. On 8/11, we have a full-day workshop from Raymond Hettinger (Topic Coming) and an Intro to Tensor Flow by Ravi Chityala; and Luciano will be giving one more half-day workshop (Topic coming)

Why is there tiered pricing for individual passes?

PyBay is a conference organized by the community for the community. Last year's conference showed us that people like to wait until the last minute to purchase their pass. That's super stressful for your conference organizers, as we don't know ahead of time how many people to plan for. We hope that our tiered pricing will encourage folks to buy their passes earlier rather than later so we can have a better idea of our operating budget.

Why should I buy a corporate pass instead of an individual pass?

Because you want to do the right thing! Following the philosophy of PyCon, the national Python Conference, we're trying to keep the cost of PyBay low so that it's accessible to everyone who wants to attend. We ask the speakers to buy tickets too! And companies sending multiple employees will be highlighted under companies supporting employees' education - a great way to standout in this talent war.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

Applications will be accepted on our Scholarships page between Monday, June 26, and Friday, July 28.

In the meanwhile, please help PyBay enlist more Scholarship Partners by creating excitement and spreading the word about PyBay. Tweet our conference highlight video! Be creative!

Conference Venue 


Main Conference Venue

UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center
1675 Owens Street, 
San Francisco, CA 94158

See Map


Pre-Conference Workshops Venue

875 Stevenston Street, 5th floor
San Francisco, CA 94103